Octogun 208D

SKU: 208D

Drip-Free w/Remover & Tooling Square

  • 12:1 Thrust Ratio
  • 1 lbs. / unit
  • 10 oz. (1/10gal)
  1. Intregrated 4 Sided Tooling Square helps to seamlessly smooth joints.
  2. Integrated Caulk Removal Tool for cleaning out old material.
  3. Drip-Free mechanism keeps your job site job clean and saves material.
  4. Revolving Barrel allows for caulking around corners with ease.
  5. Spout Cutter to open a fresh tube of material.
  6. Seal Puncture Tool to pierce the tube’s seal.
  7. Ladder Hook for convenient hanging.
  8. Lightweight Design makes handling a breeze. 

Country of Origin: China