Choosing Your Caulk Gun

Use the tables below to choose the correct caulk gun for your project.

We are presenting a simplified table which shows the various levels of viscosity each gun can handle.  Viscosity is the resistance of a fluid to flow; its “thickness” (i.e. low viscosity material means it is thinner). These are just general rules of thumb; when it comes to specifics about materials, we suggest you contact the material manufacturer for the best results. Each category presents a link to the section where you can find the individual model with a thumbnail and description.

Material Used Rating*
Acrylic L
Adhesives M/H
Asphalt H/VH
Butyl H/VH
Cement H/VH
Latex L
Silicone L/M
Urethanes H

*L – Low Viscosity Material
M – Medium Viscosity Material
H – High Viscosity Material
VH- Very High Viscosity Material


Model# Rating
77 L
101/105 L
109D L

Zinc Chromate

Model# Rating
301 H
307/315 H
330 H

Lite Series

Model# Rating
X-Lite L,M
U-Lite L,M
Z-Lite L,M


Model# Rating
316/324/332 L
416/424/490-GTR M
624-GTS/632-GTS H
632C-GTS H
724/732 VH
824-NSS/832-NSS H
924-XSP/932-XSP VH
224/232 L,M
610AL/620AL/ 634AL M,H
924AL/932AL VH


Model# Rating
710AL-12 VH
710AL-20 VH
710AL-30 VH
725AL-12 VH
725AL-30 VH

High Thrust

Model# Rating
RB220/RB245 M
250/255 H
301-XSP VH
375-XSP VH

Professional Models

Model# Rating
102D L
111/125 M
112D L
114D M
115D L
188/215 M
189D/217D M

Gator Trigger

Model# Rating
910/915 -GTR L
920-GTS M
930-GTD L
940-GTD L
950-GTS M
960-GTR L/M
980-GTD M

Pneumatic Dual Component

Model# Rating
830A15 H
830A30 H
850A30 VH
850A75 VH
860A30 VH
860A75 VH
VR200A83 H
VR400A83 H
VR400A85 VH


Model# Rating
132 L
377 M

Manual Dual Component

Model# Rating
DR100N H
510 L
515-SP M
520 H
530 H
535-XSP VH
655-XSP VH
750-XSP VH
751-XSP VH
755-XSP VH