Frequently Asked Questions

Discover some of the most frequently asked questions about our caulk guns.

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How Do You Clean Your Gun?

There are many solvents/chemicals/cleaners out there, however, we suggest you consult the manufacturer of the material you are using for a recommended list of ways to clean and remove their specific material.  It also recommended you read all warnings and labels on the solvent/chemical/cleaner before using.

Whatever you use, we suggest you clean/remove the material before it cures on the gun or accessories.  Do not submerse the tools in the solvents/chemicals/cleaners.

What Does Thrust Ratio Mean?

Thrust ratio is a ratio of the force you generate on the trigger versus the force that is generated to push the material.  This term is only applied to manual guns.

For example, a 6:1 thrust ratio means that for every 1 lb of force the user generates on the trigger, 6 times that force is pushing the material.  So, if you generate 2 lbs force on the trigger, you push the material with 12 lbs force… 3 lbs force on the trigger = 18 lbs force on the material and so on.

What do I do when my rod won’t pull back?

With all style guns, make sure you are only holding the back, stationary handle.  Do not hold the handle and trigger together as you are essentially “locking” the gun and won’t be able to pull the rod back.

With a constant pressure gun (one with a thumb release), hold the back handle and press the thumb release to pull the rod back.

With a drip-free gun, hold the handle and pull the rod back.  There is no thumb release to press.

With a ratchet rod gun, hold the handle, rotate the rod so the ratchet teeth are facing up and pull the rod back.  To advance the rod with each trigger squeeze, rotate the rod so the teeth are facing down.

How can I purchase an item?

Newborn sells through distribution.  Please contact us directly if you need a list of distributors in your area. Newborn also offers select items available for direct sale from our “Store” page.


Where is the nearest distributor?

Please contact us directly to get a list of distributors in your area.


Can I get a parts breakdown sheet for a particular gun?

Please contact us directly to get a parts breakdown/schematic for a particular gun.


Why won’t the gun push the caulk?

There are several reasons why the gun might not push the caulk, so contacting us directly would be the best way to resolve it.  Before you do, consider one of the following:

  • Has the caulk been in the gun for an extended period of time and possibly cured?
  • Is the material just too thick for the gun and isn’t powerful enough to push it?  For example, some very thick materials will not work well in a drip-free or ratchet gun, or one with a very low thrust ratio, like 3:1.
  • If you are using a ratchet rod gun, make sure the teeth are facing down in order to advance the rod forward.

How do I get the material into a Bulk Gun?

There are basically two methods to load your bulk gun, both of which are covered in more detail in our How-To Video section, specifically How To Use a Bulk Gun:

  1. Spray a small amount of light lubricant, like WD40, on the end of the gun, about 1-2″ worth.  Place the bulk gun into the material directly, at least 1″ below the surface.  Push the thumb release (or connect the thumb release clip if the gun has one) and pull the rod back slowly, making sure to keep the end beneath the surface of the material to eliminate air pockets.  Clean off the excess material on the end before putting on an end or ring cap.
  2. Place a follow plate on the surface of the bulk gun and push it down to remove air pockets.  Slide the gun over the quick connect/disconnect O-ring on the follow plate.  Push the thumb release (or connect the thumb release clip if the gun has one) and simultaneously push the bulk gun down and pull the rod back slowly.  This both pushes material in and draws it up at the same time.

How do I remove the cartridge from the gun?

Several FAQ’s above, under “What do I do when my rod won’t pull back?”, there are directions on how to pull the rod back for the different style guns and drive mechanisms.  Consult those directions as well our How To Choose The Right Cartridge Gun in our how-to videos to see a demonstration.

Where do I get static mixers for my Dual Component Material?

There are a number of different cartridge manufacturers in the market, so it depends on who makes the cartridge.  Please contact us directly so we can help determine who the manufacturer is and guide you to the right place.


Which Dual Component Gun works with my cartridge?

There are many different cartridge manufacturers, styles, volumes and mix ratios and even more material manufacturers that it is best to contact us directly to determine which gun you need.

Before you contact us, there are few things to look for that will help us:

  • If you can, provide us the manufacturer of the material and it’s market name.
  • What volume is the cartridge (in milliliters or ounces)?
  • What mix ratio is the cartridge?
  • If you can, provide us a picture of the cartridge.