Model 860A30
Model 860A30

Model 860A30

  • 1 /case
  • 14 /lbs.

more specs

  • Nominal Thrust 1100 lbs. @ 100 psi; 4″ cylinder; 300ml x 300ml; 300ml x 150ml; 150ml x 150 ml; 300 ml x 75 ml
  • No Conversions Needed to Go From Horizontal/Suitcase Grip to Vertical/Pistol Grip
  • Innovative Rotatable Trigger, Switch & Values Allow for your Preferred Dominant Trigger/Grip Orientation
  • Easily Converts in Just Seconds with Patented Snap In/Snap Out Push Disks
  • Patented Cartridge Stabilizing Plate for Extra Cartridge Support
  • Adjustable Air Regulator
  • Air Dump Valve Stops Flow Instantly
  • Reverse Air
  • Quick Disconnect Nipple
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