Model 224-LITE / 232-LITE
Model 224-LITE / 232-LITE

Model 224-LITE / 232-LITE

  • 7:1 Thrust Ratio
  • Bulk 224LITE: 24oz / 232LITE: 32oz
  • Sausage 224LITE 10/20oz 232LITE 10/20/30oz

more specs

  • Significantly Lighter than Models 224/232
  • Aluminum barrel, anodized blue and etched logo
  • Other than the aluminum barrel, contains same features as Models 224/232
  • Great for contractors who want a lighter bulk gun and take care of their gun
  • Bulk or sausage ready
  • Includes: Leather Cups/Floating Sausage Cup, Ring Cap, 3 Cones, OV-25 (1/2″) Nozzle, Bell Washer, Leather Cup Spreaders(2)
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